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本文摘要:Heres what you need to know about the new flagship smartphone from Samsung: It can swim, but it wont make any waves. 以下是关于三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)新款旗舰智能手机所必知的特性:它能游泳,但会引发水波。

Heres what you need to know about the new flagship smartphone from Samsung: It can swim, but it wont make any waves. 以下是关于三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)新款旗舰智能手机所必知的特性:它能游泳,但会引发水波。The Galaxy S5 has a waterproof exterior that survived a dunking in a margarita, a plunge in to a toilet, and left overnight in strawberry Jell-O. (Yes, I tried.) Galaxy S5配有有透气外壳,无论是冷水在鸡尾酒里、掉进马桶里还是半夜洗在草莓果冻中,它都能安然无恙。(是的,我都中举过。

)In most other ways, this update to Samsungs top-selling Galaxy S4 barely moves the needle. Aside from the waterproofing, the Galaxy S5s most original new feature is a heart rate sensor that works well only if you hold very, very still. It also has a fingerprint reader more versatile than that in Apples iPhone 5S, but a camera that still doesnt take great pictures in low light. 从其他方面来看,这款三星最畅销S4手机的升级机型完全仍未大的变化。除透气以外,Galaxy S5尤为原创的新性能是心率感应器,但你得一丝一动地握住大位手机,它才能有效地发挥作用。

S5还配有了较苹果公司(Apple)手机iPhone 5S用处更好的指纹感应器,但其照相机仍无法在暗光条件下拍得好照片来。Anybody weighing this phone as an upgrade or a switch from another model may rightly wonder: Has smartphone evolution stalled? 任何考虑到将S5当成新一代机型,或是转而转用S5的人也许都会问:智能手机的发展进程衰退了吗?有这种疑惑也不无道理。When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 in February, the company said it was going back to basics, simplifying the parts of the phone that matter most. Now that the phone is hitting stores, at $200 with 2-year contract, it is clear these adjustments do make for a better, faster phone -- but they often dont go far enough. 2月份三星公布Galaxy S5时回应要“返璞归真”,对手机最重要的部分展开了修改。

如今S5已预售,两年合约机价格200美元。现在显然这些调整似乎有助打造出一款个更佳更慢的手机,但一般来说都并过于。The Galaxy S5 is easier to use than the S4. Samsung is playing down a long list of the dubious and confusing services it touted with the previous model, like air gesture controls to manipulate the screen without touch. It also no longer pre-installs some space-hogging apps like the Samsung Hub for buying music and video. Galaxy S5比S4用于一起更加非常简单,弱化了该公司在发售S4时宣传的许多不简单且令人困惑的性能,例如需要认识才可操作者屏幕的“手势感应器”功能。S5也仍然笔记本电脑一些占有空间的应用于,例如用作出售音乐和视频的Samsung Hub。

A few of the Galaxy S5s software tweaks might make iPhone users envious, such as using keywords to search the ever-growing list of Android settings. My favorite feature, ultra power savings mode, turns off nonessential services when battery-power is low and you want to preserve juice for phone service. Galaxy S5软件上的一些调整可能会让iPhone用户讨厌,这些调整还包括可利用关键字搜寻大大缩短的安卓设置列表。我最喜欢的一个功能是“超级省电模式”,这个功能可以在低电量、且用户还想要维持待机的时候开动不必要的功能。Samsung still needs to keep simplifying the interface. At the top edge of the screen, a dozen different blinking icons call attention to things you dont always need to know about. And for many basic functions, such as Web browsing, viewing pictures, even taking voice commands, the Galaxy S5 comes preloaded with two different apps. Good grief, does anyone really need the built-in gallery and photo apps? 不过,三星依然必须修改其界面。

屏幕的最上端有一些闪光的图标,不会将你的注意力纳到不一定必须理解的程序上。而对于网页网页、网页图片甚至是发送到语音命令等许多基本功能,Galaxy S5都预先取出了两套有所不同的应用程序。

天啊,谁知道必须这些内置的“照片库”和“照片”应用程序呢?The Galaxy S5 hardware does offer some nice-to-have improvements. 不过,Galaxy S5的硬件显然有一些锦上添花的改良。The waterproofing -- which Samsung calls dust and water resistance works well, provided you use the included plug to seal the charging port. It passed all the torture tests I could cook up, but you shouldnt deliberately try such high jinks. Samsung says the waterproofing is really just for accidents. 被三星称作“防尘”、“透气”的Galaxy S5透气功能展现出不俗,你可以将该款手机自带的塞子塞住电池口。Galaxy S5通过了我需要想起的透气考验,不过你还是不要故意尝试这些“胡闹”的作法。

三星称之为,透气功能只是?了以防万一。While the extra fortification is a welcome addition for those with slippery palms, it isnt unique -- Sonys flagship smartphone is also water-friendly. 虽然对于用于手机时不过于小心的人来说,这是个受到青睐的新功能,但是并非只有Galaxy S5才享有这一功能,索尼公司(Sony co., J.SNY, 又名:新的力公司)的旗舰手机某种程度也可透气。

Though the plastic phone lacks the stylishness and luxury feel of the new all-metal HTC One (M8), the back of the phone now features a dotted Band-Aid-like texture, which helps with grip. 虽然这款塑料外壳手机缺乏宏达国际电子股份有限公司(HTC Co., 2498.TW, 全称:宏达国际)仅有金属外壳手机One (M8)时髦和奢侈的感觉,不过Galaxy S5背面用于了点状纹理材质,更容易握。Samsung improved things inside the case, too. Notably, the Galaxy S5 showed an edge in 4G LTE connectivity. During simultaneous testing with an iPhone 5S on the ATT network, the Galaxy S5 logged faster median downloads and uploads in five of six San Francisco area locations. 三星也改良了手机内部的一些硬件,其中引人注意的是在相连4G LTE时的展现出。将iPhone 5S和Galaxy S5同时在美国电话电报公司(ATT Inc., T)网络下运营,在旧金山六个地点中的五个,后者都比前者的上传下载平均速度更加慢。

The Galaxy S5 has impressive battery life, running a streaming online video test for more than six hours of continuous use -- about 20% longer than the iPhone 5S. But beware of screen controls, a max brightness setting pared the Galaxy S5s battery performance. Galaxy S5的电池寿命也给人深刻印象。在与iPhone 5S展开较为时,不间断运营在线流视频多达六个小时之后,Galaxy S5的电池寿命比前者多出大约20%。不过要留意屏幕亮度掌控,将屏幕亮度徵到仅次于不会延长Galaxy S5的电池寿命。

The fingerprint sensor also is a welcome addition to the Galaxy S5. Unlike the iPhone 5S, which only uses the fingerprint sensor for Apple-based authorizations, the Galaxy 5Ss lets you make PayPal payments, too. The downside: it is incompatible with Microsoft Exchange server security; Samsung said it is working on a solution. 指纹传感器也是Galaxy S5一个热门的追加功能。与iPhone 5S的传感器只限于于苹果公司许可的应用于有所不同,Galaxy 5S的传感器还可用作展开贝宝(PayPal)缴纳。不足之处是:与Microsoft Exchange服务器的安全性系统不相容;三星称之为,公司正在找寻解决方案。The larger screen is probably the Galaxys single biggest advantage over the iPhone, but with the S5, Samsung took a step in the wrong direction. At this point, we generally expect phones to get slimmer and lighter, but the Galaxy S5 is actually heavier and wider than its predecessor. 屏幕更大有可能是Galaxy手机与iPhone比起的仅次于优势,不过在S5上,三星走错了方向。

目前人们广泛预期手机不会轻巧更加厚,但是Galaxy S5实质上比之前的机型更加轻更加长。Weve also come to expect that each new phone will feature a better camera. Samsung says it improved the sensor and the cameras control software, including a superfast autofocus. Yet the Galaxy S5 struggled in my real-world stress tests, especially in low light. Samsung said the effect was caused by its picture stabilization software, which can be turned off. 人们也期望每一款新手机的摄影功能都能更进一步。

三星回应,公司提高了摄影传感器及其控制软件,还包括超强较慢自动对焦的功能。然而Galaxy S5仍无法通过笔者的压力测试,特别是在是在低光情况下。三星称之为,这是由其图像平稳软件导致的,该功能可以重开。Samsung may market the Galaxy S5 as a significant upgrade, but it is best seen as a refinement. Smartphone technology may be reaching a plateau where core elements like the processor, screen and sensors no longer matter as much as the software that helps you use them. And that is an area where Samsung still trails. 三星也许不会宣传Galaxy S5的功能有明显提高,但是说道小幅改良为欠佳。

智能手机技术有可能抵达了这样一个阶段:处理器、屏幕和传感器等核心元素仍然像软件那么最重要。而软件正是三星依然领先的领域。The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers a powerful phone with a big screen, but it is not the only phone that now does, despite Samsungs marketing dominance. Existing Galaxy SIII and S4 customers will appreciate the ways its software has matured, but should look at HTC One and Moto X Android phones, too. IPhone users itching for a larger screen should wait, however, to see what new form factors Apple might deliver this fall. 三星Galaxy S5是一款功能强大的大屏手机,但并非目前唯一具备这些元素的手机,尽管三星在市场居住于主导地位。

现有的Galaxy SIII和S4的用户将不会喜爱其成熟期的软件,但也应当想到HTC One和Moto X等安卓手机。不过渴求更大屏幕的IPhone用户不应不会等候,从容苹果公司在今年秋天可能会发售什么新元素。